What we do

AYUDATE's activities can simply be divided into the following areas:

  • design and competence management of projects (we hold PRINCE2 Practitioner certification)
  • telecommunications and communication technologies
  • our specialty - comprehensive project processing
  • work force management applied to the automation of railway and rail transport management and operations

The expertise of our highly experienced specialists in the areas of design and the legislative supervision of deliveries for the projects we implement is further supported by an innovative approach thanks to technologies that are not yet available on the local market:

Mobile base stations: a GSM-R mobile base station; this is a complete mobile platform technology that immediately replaces a stoppage or planned outage of standard GSM-R. It is based on technologies from Nokia, which is the exclusive partner for telecommunications solutions for the area of railways, and Cisco Systems.

Other projects

Workforce Management - our partnership with the Canadian company Clevest lets us bring smart solutions to the area of the organisation of activities as well as to the area of automatic train control (similar to AVV).

Retrofit - we take part in projects integrating the European Train Control System (ETCS) (part of the European Rail Traffic Management System - ERTMS) into older generations of rolling stock; we work closely with Alstom (Bombardier)

Who do we work for?

In the Czech Republic, AYUDATE has become a partner in what is currently one of the most important European railway projects – implementing the unified European Rail Traffic Management System ERTMS, of which the unified European Train Control System ETCS is an integral part. Our specialists manage and actively participate in projects for the largest local carriers, ČD and ČD Cargo.

We work on other projects for customers from the railway sector, such as SŽ and VUZ, for example.

We present ourselves in a wide spectrum of projects concerning railways; for instance, we have spent a lot of time preparing the specifications for DP, in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom. Similarly, there was the pilot deployment of WorkForce management for the DPP tram repair shops, and at the moment we are actively involved in project management for ČD Telematika as they implement air handling systems in several metro stations.


AYUDATE focuses on finding investment opportunities, consulting and designing studies in the field of telecommunications, wireless services, and providing mobile coverage of selected units, implementation projects in the field of  weak current, as well as other technically focused areas according to the current customer needs. AYUDATE also provides professional services in the field of transport and transport telematics, particularly in the field of applied transport systems.

Openness to cooperation and certification

AYUDATE, in regard to the a permanent increase of its market value and significant strengthening of its business activities, cooperates with major market players such as CISCO Systems, JUNIPER Networks, WM Ware, NOKIA, etc., and is also the holder of a sufficient number of relevant commercial and professional certificates.


AYUDATE is a partner of the Israeli multinational company Bio-Nexus. The common denominator for our collaboration are solutions in the field of automatic or “digital” optimization of corporate workflows, management and monitoring processes, technical updates, with as few manual interventions as possible within the practical operation of companies and their internal processes.


Jungmannova 15/26,
110 00 Praha 1,
Česká republika

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